Friday, 2 March 2012

The Orange Circus

I'm delighted to say that my friends at The Orange Circus have recorded a song that I wrote for them, called YOU STAND BY ME.

The Orange Circus happily call themselves the silliest band in the world, but they are much more than that - although there certainly is an endearingly ramshackle and madcap element to their live gigs. But at the same time they have a real talent for getting audiences involved in a foot-stomping, sing-along good-time way which sends everyone home feeling better than before the gig. They also happen to play their instruments well and sing songs which have their roots in American country and folk music but to which they always give their own quirky twist. And how can you knock any band which has a wonderful 80+ year old member called Granny Alice who, onstage in her pink cowboy hat, can charm herself into the hearts of everyone who sees her?

They made a video for the song, on a freezing cold day on a Sussex farm. It's The Orange Circus, par excellence.  Please do take a look.

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  1. "getting audiences involved in a foot-stomping, sing-along good-time way" - ugh, that sounds awful... but they're not. Good song, Nige, and catchy too. And we liked the video.