Thursday, 21 July 2016

34 Years Old

BUDDY has been in print now since 1982. To celebrate all those years Penguin have now made it part of their PENGUIN ORIGINALS  - a list of books that they consider are classic Young Adult titles. I'm really honoured that the book is among such exalted titles as The Red Pony and The Outsiders. I think the new cover looks splendid - classic and cool:

Wednesday, 29 June 2016


There was a wonderful production of the musical play of my book BEAVER TOWERS put on by the Junior School at Dulwich College in South East London. There were three performances and all the pupils in Year Six were involved. They acted wonderfully and sang their hearts out. It was visually stunning and very imaginatively staged. Here are some photos of the production:

Some of the huge cast can be seen here - there were 64 of them involved altogether.

This shows the imaginative and very funny staging of the old car, Doris being pushed by The Mechanics.

The evil Oyin meets her end at the hands of the Growlers.