Wednesday, 15 January 2014


I'm really pleased to be able to announce the publication of a new book today. It's published by my favourite publisher, Barrington Stoke - run by the keenest and friendliest people I've met in that world.

The book is one that I care about very much and which I hope will find a big readership. It's a fast moving and suspenseful story with some tough themes at its heart. 15 year old Dillon and his young brother, Robbie, haven't seen their dad since he came out of the army and was violent towards them and their mum. But now he has turned up out of the blue saying that he's just been to see their mum at work and that she's given him permission to take them off for a few days' holiday. Robbie is thrilled but Dillon isn't quite so sure. Dad is persuasive, though, and they set off - but is this 'holiday' really what it seems.....?

The title I used when I was writing the book was OUR FATHER. Then later I called it MISSING IN ACTION. Finally, in conjunction with the people at Barrington Stoke, we agreed on the final title - ON THE EDGE. And here's the striking cover: